How I Survived The Seventies

Featured Songs

  • Sugar Sugar
  • Oye Como Va
  • You’re The One That I Want
  • Lean On Me
  • Taking Care of Business
  • Rock The Boat
  • One Love
  • Dancing Queen
  • One Way or Another
  • I Will Survive


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Seventies Study Guide

How I Survived the Seventies

The decade of Watergate, the Oil Crisis and Women’s Lib as recorded in a teenager’s diary.


Available formats

  • Full band for in-school assembly
  • Duo for smaller venues


American History Music History Women’s History  Technology Journal Writing Watergate

About The Show

The 1970s was “The Me Decade,” when personal fulfillment and individual pursuits replaced the communal spirit of the Woodstock era. Therefore, our show focuses on the events of the decade that affected the life of a single individual, who records her impressions in her diary as she goes through her teenage years.

Each year of the decade includes a reading from her diary and a live performance of a song from the period, accompanied by still photos, animations and videos projected on our large screen.

Large social trends changed relationships within her family. The Women’s Liberation Movement enables her mother to get a job when her father’s factory closes down. Her cousin Katie takes an active role in the environmental movement. And her little brother becomes fascinated with the potential of computers after he builds a home computer from a kit he read about in a magazine.

She sees the core values of her parent’s generation undermined by Watergate and the Arab oil embargo. She learns how social change can cause difficult adjustments, especially for her parents’ generation.

After the break-up of the Beatles in 1970, popular music fragmented into many sub-genres. Our musical selections reflect a wide range of styles including Bubblegum, Latino, Hard Rock, Reggae, Punk and Disco.

The show ends on a hopeful note, as our narrator decides to pursue an acting career in New York City and the band performs “I Will Survive.”

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