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Family Night with Squeaky Clean

Timeless rock and roll brings the generations together for a memorable evening of fun, music and dancing

About the show

When SQUEAKY CLEAN performs outside of school hours, the emphasis is on movement, interaction, group audience participation and FUN! With the parents present, we provide the opportunity for families to share their love of timeless rock and roll music.

The program can be structured as a dance, a sit-down concert or some combination of the two. Directed activities include learning the Twist, choreography for “Stop In The Name Of Love,” make-believe surfing to the Beach Boys and other participation designed to loosen up both the parents and the children.

Where space permits, we utilize the same multi-media projections used in our assembly programs. The audience gets to see photos, film clips, and videos from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, featuring famous people and glimpses of everyday life.

The evening may consist of one or two 50-minute performances.  If there is an intermission, the sponsor may sell refreshments while the band signs autographs.

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